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Find out all about me, what I've been doing lately and which websites I've visited on the internet. Check out my jokes section. I am trying to add as many as I can. If you know a good joke about blondes, Irish etc. then please send it to me by email and I will add it to the site as quickly as possible.

Ellie  Bellie - This is what my dad calls me! Silly isn't it? :-)

Angel 4 now ......................... Devil 4 ever!!!!



Best Joke So Far

Paddy came home from a night out drinking. His wife Mary was up stairs in bed and Paddy was falling all over the place.

Mary shouted down at paddy "what’s all the noise",

Paddy shouted back "I have a barrel of beer and I am trying to get it up stairs".

Mary replied "leave it down stairs"

Paddy said "I can’t, its in my stomach!"


Joke by  Martin Ireland.



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